About Us

Ajoomma, meaning ‘middle-aged woman’ is a common Korean term used to refer to an Aunty.

Ajoomma Korean BBQ restaurant takes inspiration from the gung-ho attitude of Ajoommas from the villages in the Korean countryside. The charitable fervour of the local Korean Ajoommas are equally relentless to their counterparts in bustling cities.

From the preparation of the freshest ingredients to the gathering of firewood from deep in the mountains, the Ajoommas will spare no effort to prepare a hearty meal for family, friends or neighbours in need. Additionally, no matter what the season is, they will adjust the flavours of their cooking with different types of mountain firewood and seasonal ingredients. The result? The most delectable food with flavours ranging from savoury to sweet!

As a reflection of this lively collective, Ajoomma Korean BBQ restaurant is a concept that imbues the zealousness of Ajoommas to traditional Korean BBQ dishes, with high-quality meats, a range of delicious sauces and marinades, and a variety of charcoal wood to choose from. Similar to Singapore’s kampung spirit of sharing and communal solidarity, Ajoomma Korean BBQ restaurant will certainly serve hospitality of a passionate Ajoomma (Aunty) to the heart of the table!

So whether you’re coming in for a quick meal or a celebratory dinner, Ajoomma Korean BBQ restaurant is the perfect place to gather, share a wholesome meal, and create lasting memories filled with love and warmth.